Samstag, 20. September 2008

Die Nichtveröffentlichung von wissenschaftlichen Studien kostet Menschenleben

Missing in action: the trials that did not make the news (The Guardian)

Ben Goldacre bemängelt, dass viel zu viele wissenschaftliche Studien, die "negative" Ergebnisse hatten, nicht veröffentlicht werden. Gerade im medizinischen Bereich koste diese Praxis Menschenleben.


For decades people have known that negative results tend not to get printed in academic journals, and it can happen for all kinds of reasons: they're not newsworthy, they're not much fun to write up, they don't look good on your CV, and they might not flatter your idea or product. [...]

We may never know what was in that unpublished data, but those missing numbers will cost lives in quantities larger than any emotive health story covered in any newspaper. (Quelle:

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