Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2008

Social Network Sites als Daten-Fundgrube für personalisierte Phishing-Mails

Cyber thieves target social sites (BBC News)


The quasi-intimate nature of the sites makes people share information readily leaving them open to all kinds of other attacks, warn security firms.

Detailed information gathered via the sites will also help tune spam runs or make phishing e-mail more convincing. [...]

Alongside technical vulnerabilities in the networks go other problems with the amount of information that people share on social networking sites.

This data can give criminals knowledge about the names of employees at a company, insight in its managerial make-up or information about its processes to lend credibility to other attacks. [...]

"It is remarkable that people use social networking websites to publish details about their lives, loves, jobs and hobbies to the entire world that they would not dream of sharing with a stranger in a bar," he said. (Quelle:

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