Montag, 26. Januar 2009

Die NSA und ihre neuen Abhörbefugnisse und frühere Verdächtigungen gegen die NSA

NSA whistleblower: warrantless wiretaps targeted journos (The Register)

Der Artikel erklärt gut einige Hintergründe des Streits rund um neue Abhörbefugnisse für die NSA und rund um die Verdächtigungen, dass die NSA illegal abhört.


If Tice’s allegations are true, it would help explain why many loyal Bushies in the intelligence community and elsewhere continued to push for blanket immunity, even after the FISA revisions passed and even after the FISA court issued an unusual, self-immolating opinion that warrantless wiretapping could be constitutional - although the court handed out retroactive warrants like candy. [...]

NSA surveillance of Americans is far more ambitious in scope than previously imagined by any but the most paranoid. (Quelle:

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