Sonntag, 1. Februar 2009

Offener Brief an Obama wegen illegalem NSA-Zugriff auf Telekommunikation aller US-Bürger

President Obama -- It's time to stop illegal spying on all Americans (Times-Standard)

Ein offener Brief an Obama bezüglich der Offenlegungen eines geheimen, illegalen, umfangreichen Überwachungsprogramms des NSA-Geheimdienstes durch den Whistleblower Russell Tice.


Lots of other evidence rest in data banks in spy land, according to Tice. As I write this, I suspect that secret files on this practice are being shredded at the intelligence agencies. [...]

The existence of this NSA domestic program was first reported by The New York Times on Dec. 16th, 2008, in an article that was spurred by a whistle-blower's shocking revelations. The Times published the exclusive story on their website the night before, after learning that the Bush administration considered seeking a Pentagon-Papers-style court injunction to block publication. [...]

It is known that the NSA provided unsupervised access to all fiber-optic communications between some of the nation's major communications, including phone conversations, email, web browsing, and corporate network traffic. [...]

Now that Tice has re-opened Pandora's Box about the Bush administration's spying on journalists, I have two questions for you, President Obama.

Are you aware of this illegal spying on American journalists, private citizens, and organizations?

As It Stands, what are you going to do about it? (Quelle:

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