Sonntag, 23. November 2008

US-Geheimdienste: Erst schießen, dann fragen

(Via Fefe) CIA faulted in shooting down of missionary plane (


The CIA obstructed inquiries into its role in the shooting down of an aircraft carrying a family of U.S. missionaries in Peru in 2001 [...].

The inspector-general's report said that in the aftermath of the 2001 incident the CIA sought to characterize it as a one-time mistake in an otherwise well-run program.

"In fact this was not the case. The routine disregard of the required intercept procedures ... led to the rapid shooting down of target aircraft without adequate safeguards to protect against the loss of innocent life," the report said. (Quelle:

Der Verdacht reichte der CIA also, um Menschen zu töten. Ähnlich geht die CIA ja in Zusammenarbeit mit dem US-Militär auch derzeit um mit Terrorverdächtigen im afghanisch-pakistanischen Grenzgebiet.

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