Mittwoch, 28. November 2007


CYA-Security (


If someone left a backpack full of explosives in a crowded movie theater, or detonated a truck bomb in the middle of a tunnel, no one would demand to know why the police hadn't noticed it beforehand. But if a weird device with blinking lights and wires turned out to be a bomb -- what every movie bomb looks like -- there would be inquiries and demands for resignations. It took the police two weeks to notice the Mooninite blinkies, but once they did, they overreacted because their jobs were at stake.

This is "Cover Your Ass" security, and unfortunately it's very common. (Quelle:

Ein geglückter Terror-Anschlag ist aus Sicht der Polizei also vor allem eine Bedrohung ihrer Altersbezüge.

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